«Elastikum» Ltd was founded in 2009. Industrial specialization of the company is the production of surgical dressings and hygiene products. The industrial complex is located in the city of Tashkent. The complex consists of production facilities by means of dressing absorbent cotton, non-sterile gauze bandages, as well as the production of elastic articles. Today OOO «Elastikum» is a combination of modern advanced production technology and skilled team of employees, workers and managers.

The focus of our company places on the quality of its products. The company occupies a worthy and solid position in the market due to the high requirements for each type of product. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the greatest satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers, as well as the expansion of localization of production (production of import-substituting products), the company's management made a strategic decision to develop and implement a Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001: 2008.

In the pharmaceutical market, the Company has established itself a major producer within the group of leaders of large companies in the production of medical dressings: Bandages and waist elastic bandage cloth, cotton wool absorbent non-sterile and sterile gauze, sterile and non-sterile, and also developed a new Support elastic products (such as band strong fixation and soft fixation, correction of posture, wrist bandage, ankle bandage, knee pads, elbow pads).

The company has developed, documented, implemented and maintained Quality Management System QMS), consisting of a set of organizational and technical measures needed to guarantee the consistent quality of products supplied to consumers and increase its satisfaction.

Today the company «Elastikum» is a stable working structure which occupies a large segment of the wound dressing market. Our products are based on materials aimed at orthopedics, sports and varicose veins. Currently we have registration certificates, permitting the implementation of the whole territory of Uzbekistan, in the CIS countries and abroad. Which will significantly increase the export to the CIS countries compared to 2012. twice. Certificate of compliance management system requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 plays a significant role in exports, as in many countries entered into force a law on availability of ISO certificate in purchasing products.

The purpose of the Company "Elastikum" - the formation of a civilized market with a proposal to end consumer product range the best quality at the best price. The underlying principle of the «Elastikum» - quality and building long-term partnerships.

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